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Business Coaching will unleash the potential in your organisation. High performing organisations, like yours, have recognised the power of working with an accredited and professionally qualified Coach to inspire their teams to be the best versions of themselves.

Our Clients are typically successful organisations with great products or services, who are leaders in their field, but want to make sure that the Values of their organisation inspires their business practice.

We are The Culture Coaches. We work with people to build culture in their businesses to achieve their vision and be even more successful.

We work in the following sectors:


Effective Leadership is a fundamental part of modern School life. We work with all Senior Leaders, including Governors, to ensure that all team members are inspired to give every child the best possible educational experience.

We work with you to train, mentor and coach your teams. This includes reviews of effectiveness as well as individual and team coaching.

Contact us to see how we can help your School or Trust become even more effective and enhance the educational experience of your children.

Commercial & Industrial

We have over 30 years’ experience in Leadership within the commercial sector, so understand the importance of inspiring your teams.

Our coaching services will give you the skills to understand how your Values influence business decisions. Business owners who are serious about developing their businesses will see unparalleled success when using our coaching services.

Contact us to experience how we can add value to your business by inspiring your teams.

Education Governance

The Governing Board and Trust Board are the Strategic Leaders of the organisation, akin to the Board of Directors within a Company. Governors and Trustees need to adhere to the 3 Core Functions of Governance:

  • Ensuring clarity of  vision, ethos and  strategic direction
  • Holding  executive leaders  to account  for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • Overseeing the financial performance  of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent

We offer Governing Training packages in conjunction with Entrust, as part of the DfE’s fully funded GovernorSpace programme.

Examples of training courses:

  • Effective Chairing of Governing Boards
  • From Good to Outstanding
  • Statutory Requirements for Governors
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Health & Safety
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Performance Management
  • Ofsted

We also offer External Reviews of Governance.

Contact us to learn more about our services for Governors and Trustees.


Free Government Training

We are delighted to be Associate Consultants for the Department for Education’s fully funded Governor Training Package, working alongside Entrust Education Services.

Each Governing Board can apply for funding equivalent to £500, to be spent on mentoring, online webinars and consultancy sessions.

More details can be found here


School Leadership Development

Governors are very reluctant to spend money on training, but Ofsted will be looking at the training budget to ensure Governors are skilled to carry out their statutory duties and be in a position to challenge the Senior Leadership Team. Navitas Edge, working with Entrust, offer Leadership Development Courses and Clerk’s Development Courses. The courses are generally facilitated by a National Leader of Governance. More information can be found here:

Leadership Development Programme for Governors and Chairs of Governors – Entrust

Reviews of School Governance

Schools which fall into a category must have an External Review of Governance, but in must the same way a Company must always critically challenge themselves, challenge the status quo, so should a Governing Board. If you are an Outstanding School, a Good School or are in a category, Navitas Edge will work with you, assigning a National Leader of Governance to ensure your statutory duties are carried out and set the strategic direction.

We offer packages to suit every Governing Board, the equivalent of 1 day, 2 days or 3 days over periods of time to suit you. Contact us for an initial consultation. We also offer a short online only package.

Contact us to learn more about our External Reviews of Governance.



Business is always evolving and the most important capital in any business is the Team Members.

We offer individual and team coaching to inspire everyone to be the best versions of themselves. When you and your team understand the connection between their individual contribution to the purpose, then your organisation becomes unstoppable.

Your Values underpin your business and we will work alongside you to ensure your business stays true to your Values.

Creating a Coaching Culture

We fully believe that Coaching is the most effective Leadership tool and that everybody can be taught the basic skills required to coach. It is all about staying curious longer and rushing to action slower.

We will give you the tools to create a coaching culture in your organisation, so that coaching becomes part of everyday life.

This will help you with staff recruitment and retention, ensuring your organisation operates effectively and gives you the competitive edge.

Contact us to learn the benefits of creating a coaching culture in your organisation.


Individual and Team Coaching

We work with Senior Leaders, as well as Middle Leaders and support staff. Our fundamental belief is that everybody should have access to high quality coaching from experienced, qualified and accredited Coaches.

We can work on an individual basis within an organisation, or we can coach entire teams. Team coaching will help to hone skills of an entire team on a coherent basis and is particularly effective.

Contact us to discuss how coaching can help you gain the competitive edge.


Change Management

Nobody likes change. We are programmed to repeat habits, but all businesses need to challenge the status quo and evaluate whether current practices are still fit for purpose.

For change to be effective, there needs to be a well thought a plan, a reason for change and effective communication. If any of these are missing, then team members will resist the change.

Coaching will help you to work through any form of change management effectively as we will help you to inspire all team members to be involved with the change process.

Contact us to find out how we can help you with change management.


How we work

We will work with you to find the best method of conducting the coaching sessions. This can be face to face, typically 60 minute – 90 minutes sessions. Or we can work with you remotely and are increasingly utilising online platforms like Zoom or Teams.

There would be an initial ‘chemistry’ meeting, to set the scene for the series of meetings. These are totally without any obligation, as not all Coaches suit every individual person; there has to be a certain chemistry for the relationship to work. Even though this first session is free of charge, the coaching will start from this point!

All of our Coaches are qualified in Executive Coaching and Mentoring and accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, meaning they adhere to a Global Code of Ethics.

Work will be done around your Core Values and this work will form the basis of the coaching sessions.

Please give us a call or drop us an email to learn more about our transparent service.

07398 989345   andy.chell@navitasedge.co.uk

Our Partners

Here at Navitas Edge, we recognise that we cannot do everything. We know our strengths and recognise our weaknesses. That is why we have built up a team of trusted partners who we work closely with and are happy to recommend to you.

Please feel free to contact them direct, but tell them who sent you!

JPM Business Consultancy

Jason has many year’s experience of running successful business and his experience in business planning is exemplary. Please give him a call to talk about planning for business development.

Bodhi Consultancy

We are massively impressed with Claire’s knowledge and experience in Emotional Intelligence. She has worked in the private and public sectors advising on this really important subject.

Red Box Web Design Limited

In our opinion, the best and most innovative Web Design Company we have come across. They did ours, and we think it looks great! Speak to them, they’ll be happy to chat.

Unknown Marketing

Joe and his team are true experts on the power of how social media helps to drive more traffic to your business, resulting in more sales. His results speak for themselves, speak to Joe and see how he can help your business.

Lilac Films

Steve creates and produces fantastic films and corporate videos which transform any business. Video on websites is a proven way of increasing traffic, so speak to Steve to see how he can help you.


Don’t just take our word for it, hear what some Clients and partners say about us.

Bob Hall, Greenlite Lighting Solutions Limited

“We contracted Andy for a 2 year period to revolutionise our business. In that time, Andy wrote and implemented a complete marketing plan, introduced The Greenlite Experience, which was a message to all staff as to how to remain Outstanding at all times. In the time, we saw a vast increase in our online presence, an increase in sales leads culminating in an increased number of contracts won.”

Rob Mackley, Red Box Web Design Limited

“I’ve worked with Andy Chell on a number of projects over the last few years and I find his enthusiasm for his industry inspiring. He’s a pleasure to deal with and always brings valuable and creative ideas to the table. Working with such a knowledgeable and forward thinking consultant has enable us to be even more creative and has played a big part in the success of the projects we’ve worked on together.”

Steve Cranston, Lilac Films

“Absolutely fantastic! We wanted to look at the big Why question in our business. Andy scratched beneath the surface, working through a slick and easy to follow programme. We looked at our Values and on the back of the programme we felt confident to laugh our new product.”

Joanna Watchman, Content Communications

“Having worked with Andy Chell for well over ten years, I can honestly say he is one of the most committed, enthusiastic and forward-thinking marketeers around. He brings a great deal to ‘the party’: empathy; strong communications skills; experience; and a willingness to pursue and implement the innovative and the new. He has a wide ranging set of experience and transferable skills which he is able to bring to any business or school – all of which he will use to deliver very significant business and operational benefits to your organisation. ”

Jonathan Lawton, Hixon Group

“We worked with Andy as we wanted to rediscover our core Values and whether our original purpose was still true. Andy worked with me as Managing Director, but also engaged with all of my staff to ensure the message was coherent throughout my business.”

Paul McColl, Virtalis Limited

“I have been inspired by the techniques and passion that Navitas Edge show towards business development. It is unusual to find a Consultant who focuses exclusively on Sales & Marketing and not the holistic Business development”

Shaun Crosby, Alpha Print Limited

“Andy worked with me to develop techniques to increase sales. The approach is very refreshing, focusing on why Customers want to buy rather than a pure sales push.”

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